Musings in Metal

I once was a painter. I would fill the edges and backgrounds of figurative works with plentiful plantlife. The stories that I tell myself burgeon forth with herbs, yarrow, violets and flowers aplenty. The poems and plays that I hold most dear describe the natural world, moon and vine, tree and crawling thing. The natural world abounds and spills from my heart. When I started doing metalwork I realized all those flowers and leaves could shine as pieces of jewelry, a celebration of nature’s most beautiful forms.

A trove of natural wonders in metal, brooches in hand painted copper
Sprays of maple leaves in copper
My boys and I at Pennsylvania Renaissance festival in 2023
Pinecones handbuilt out of brass and copper
Linked repousse snails in copper
Mated pairs of butterfly earrings in handpainted copper
Corn poppy earrings and a monarch pendant. Hand painted copper
A selection of cape closures, hand painted flower buttons, ginkgo and maple samara earrings.
Sterling mushroom bells